Strategy & Operations

Consulting and execution of data-driven strategy.

The pandemic forced many businesses to change the way they operate. Some have evolved and strengthened their propositions while others have struggled to adapt. Effective strategy serves to guide tactical responses, define robust solutions and ultimately drive the bottom-line.
I help leaders to transform their marketing and communications strategies in-line with business objectives. 
My approach incorporates three core elements:

Impactful strategy starts and ends with data. It empowers businesses to listen, plan, respond and optimise.
Established companies have valuable insights into their stakeholders. When, where, how and why an audience interacts with a business is golden. Key inputs for start-ups include testing, industry reports and competitor analysis. But interpretation and filtering noise can prove challenging for all players. 
While business objectives determine the audience and desired outcome, success is driven by relevance. 
Relevance is multi-faceted. Do the service proposition and brand values align to the needs of the target audience? What channels and tactics are appropriate for the buyer persona? Does the messaging resonate? Are strategic partnerships a good fit? What is the impact of trends and competitors? 
Exceptional customer experience sets brands apart. Integration of technology and strong values form the foundation.
Deploying tech solutions can drive efficiency and scale. However, losing the human connection or a poor configuration can be damaging. 

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